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Classes run all through the year with occasional cover from other instructors if I am away. Please email or text me to see if spaces are available in specific classes.

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All classes are Pay As You Go and run throughout the year.

What to wear

Please wear exercise clothes or loose comfortable clothing to the class. It is a good idea to wear layers of clothing so you can dress according to the temperature. Most people do the classes in bare feet or Pilates / yoga socks however it is fine to wear training shoes if you find this more comfortable.

What to bring

All equipment is supplied however please bring a Pilates / yoga mat if you have one and are coming to classes on a regular basis. Please bring some water and you may like to bring a towel.

New to the class

Please arrive a few minutes early so you can chat to me about the class and any adaptations you may need. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more information.

Medical screening

I will ask you to complete a PAR Q or medical questionnaire, which will be kept in confidence in line with data protection. If you are concerned about your readiness to start the classes please check with your doctor.

* Some classes stop for a short summer break and all classes take a break over the Christmas period. Details of class cancellations will be given out in classes and on this page of the website.


What our class members are saying:

“Helen’s classes are the only exercise classes I have ever attended which I actually look forward to each week – so much so that I often go to both her Yoga and Pilates sessions! She is extremely friendly and encouraging and gives very clear guidance for each pose or sequence, offering numerous alternative poses for people with differing abilities and experience. She also continually checks on us individually to ensure we don’t do our bodies any harm, giving gentle but helpful guidance that makes each of us feel very proud of what we are able to achieve.  Every week I definitely emerge from her classes feeling more refreshed, relaxed and flexible than when I went in!”

“I am an ex football, squash and badminton player and I have had a few back and neck problems over the years. Having been advised by friends and relatives to try yoga and Pilates I decided to give it a try even though I thought it was a bit girly. I have never been so flexible in my life, my core is strong and my balance is good. With Helen’s class it doesn’t matter how old or fit you are every person can work to a level they are comfortable with. Helen is a genuine caring person who laughs at herself when she gets it wrong and laughs with us when we do too! Apart from the health benefits It is also an enjoyable and friendly night out. I have attended Helen’s classes for many years it is a very important part of my week. As a result of increased fitness levels I have taken up more activities such as Kayaking and cycling and my only regret is that I should have taken it up much earlier!”

“Helen’s Pilates class is an hour in the week that I always look forward to, as much for the friendly atmosphere as for the exercise. Every session varies so both mind and body are engaged. Helen demonstrates and explains all the movements clearly which means we can follow her with confidence. There is a real mix of people in the class and we can all choose a version of each exercise that fits our ability because Helen always gives us variations. I like how she checks to see that I am getting the most from each exercise, by the end of the session, I can feel that I’ve been thoroughly strengthened and stretched. There is only one thing better than doing the Pilates class is to follow it with an hour of fitness yoga, its great value for money and since joining in with both sessions I have really noticed the difference in my muscle tone and flexibility which is incredible as I am nearly 60.”